About The Company

There are times when you would love to be able to throw a celebration in the shortest possible notice and then you have to get things into place. Food and drinks is no big deal but the real life of the party is the dance and the music. And more often than not these are the two things that never really happen and then you try and postpone the celebration date only because the party troupers are busy elsewhere because they have been booked previously!

What if we tell you that we can arrange jazz dance party for you in less than a day?

Would you even scream with joy? We will look after the entire thing. You just have to let us know the number of invitees that you are expecting, the venue and your budget. Any other specifications will be also taken into consideration if you are very particular about it.

The dance jazz band is our specialty:

We specialize in arranging dance parties all across London and we are particularly known for our jazz dance bars. They are awesome and they can light up the party with their music and make sure nobody goes out f the hall without shaking a leg or two!

So, what are you waiting for?

If this sounds fun to you, pick up the dialer and call us right now. We take previous bookings for up to six months and the later that the dates are the cheaper it is. for example if you book our party six months in advance you get a discount of 30 percent flat on our band rates and if you are doing it one month or lesser than you will be offered no discount on our services. You can also check out our website and make a booking through our site. Payments will be expected in advance and bookings will be confirmed only against payments.


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