Languages may differ, but music is common:

There are a few thousand languages in the world and the fact remains largely true that the language that the person speaks is the sweetest to him and endears to him the most. So, if you are going to ask a native English speaker what his favorite song is, he moist definitely is going to tell you an English song that he has heard somewhere and that which has caught his fancy or maybe he will tell you some song that has grown on him for some time.

Now, try asking the same person for a song that is favorite but in a foreign language and most of the time he would take a long time to figure out which is his favorite not because he knows so many as to be confused but because his knowledge of foreign songs is so limited and so hardly in use that he has to strain to be able to answer the question put forth to him.

This was one of the questions that researchers at university of Good hope had used for a survey sample of 112 subjects. Out of the 112 people, 100 took a lot of time to actually decipher which foreign song they really liked and almost all of them had either been too popular or viral on the internet or they had a home grown dubbed version of it in their native language and that is how they recalled it even of late. A mere 12 people could instantly say which foreign song they liked. It is praiseworthy to note that these twelve people were also considered to be polyglots amongst their circle of friends with their knowledge of more than five foreign languages, some really fluent and some they knew and managed to get about.


What this experiment deduced:

Later, the same people were asked to rate the music that they hear on their audiogram on a scale of 1 to 10 based on their preference and taste. The whopping majority of 112 people voted their best three songs to ones that were most definitely not in their native language.

What this went on to show?

This exercise was very well received and it was categorically deduced with proof that even though songs in the foreign languages may not endear to the people because they most likely do not understand the language nuances but music transcends all barriers. The language of music is boundary-less and there is no stopping anyone from liking a different music than what is played in their homes.

Music does shape our personality:

It has been proven beyond all doubts that music has the capacity to shape people’s personality. The kind of music that they hear in their formative years can have a great bearing throughout their growing up years and into their adulthood.

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/ Music and perspective:

The perspective with which the person sees the world around him is also shaped by the genre of music that he follows and enjoys. If for example he likes music that is soft instrumental and soothing, he will most definitely turn out to be a mature and tranquil person and will be able to take on life head on without getting worried with what life has in store for him.

On the contrary, if a person is used to listening music form that is loud like rock and roll, hip hop and pop, he is most likely to turn out to be rebellious by nature. The converse that because the personality type of the person is such that he endears to a particular genre of music also holds a good ground.

/ For people who like dance music:

And people who can break into a dance whenever they hear music are the ones who are excessively honest and positive about themselves. They are the people who will have the least burden of their past and they rather live in the present and enjoy every moment of it rather than brood over the past or worry over what the future holds for them.

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